Tich Smith - Founder of LIV VIllageMr AJS Smith
Founder of LIV Village

“…an incredible heart for the disadvantaged”

I have known Karabo for a number of years and he is one young man that has impacted me from the day I met him. He is a visionary which is accompanied by great communication skills and a desire to make this country a better place for all. He has an incredible heart for the previously disadvantaged people of this nation and he has made an impact wherever he has gone.

“…a contagious positive outlook”

Karabo Che Mokoape has served diligently as a board member of Emcom, he is an innovative, strategic thinker with a contagious positive outlook of business and life in general.

“…very effective in strategic discussions and facilitation”

Karabo is very effective in strategic discussions and facilitation. He is very eloquent and has a tremendous personal touch, as he makes a positive impact on almost everyone he meets. Karabo is also a very effective communicator and public speaker. He has facilitated a number of workshops for Catalyx.