In loving memory 
In loving memory 
In loving memory 
In loving memory 
In loving memory 
In loving memory 

Karabo Che Moemise Mokoape

1983 - 2021

Karabo Che Moemise Mokoape (1983 – 2021) was an extraordinary man whose life was cut short by post Covid-19 virus complications, only 7 months after his esteemed father’s passing from the same disease.

Karabo was an influential leader impacting many spheres of society, a committed father to Somila and Samora, a loving husband to his wife Thuli and a “rock” to his mother and broader family.

His passing leaves a void in many of our hearts.

This tribute page is an opportunity for those who were touched by his life to share their thoughts, stories, encouragements and prayers.


Funeral Service: Friday, 13 August 2021

Memorial Services

Monday 9 August
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Tuesday 10 August
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Wednesday 11 August
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Thursday 12 August
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Contributions can be made for the family to the following account:

TN Mokoape
First National Bank
Acct No: 62813271252
Branch: Pavilion

Messages / Tributes

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Love and Light from the KCP Family.

It is a gut-shattering day and days to come as one comes to terms with the passing of not only a business partner but a very loving friend and advisor. Karabo was not shy to love and care, he always put his family first and was a very gifted, friendly and full of wisdom that he selflessly shared. I cannot imagine Thuli's pain and that of their kids and Karabo's mom but can only pray that God comforts and covers them with strength. May Karabo's legacy continue to live on and may his kindness remain engraved in our hearts and on those whose lives he impacted. The words I'll miss the most will certainly be your fond greeting "Pebbs, my friend" and of course followed by a warm hug (pre-Covid). Whilst we struggle to accept this reality, its befitting to bid farewell and say rest well dear friend, brother and business partner. You are now elevated to glory and may you reconnect with your Maker and of course, your dad and find eternal peace, rest and relief from pain and discomfort.

From Cristle Mokwape.Karabo's cousin from Cape Town

Karabo will always be remembered for his infectious smile and laugh. The most welcoming and fun person to be around.

Pam Turner and family.

As one of his teachers, I so remember this happy, cheerful and popular little boy in Std 3. He proudly brought a photo of him with Nelson Mandela to show me. He has certainly achieved great things since then - what a loss to the world! Heartfelt condolences to Gwen and his beautiful family.

Claire Pigott.

Karabo, my friend. You were one of the kindest people that I have ever met. God bless your pure soul my friend.

Olivia Hope.

For our dear friend, Karabo, and all the other fallen soldiers in this war against Covid-19.
Another fallen soldier in this war.
But this time I know his name and more.
The numbers jumped off the page today.
Cause he’s one of them, and he couldn’t stay.
We used to talk about politics and religion
And a God that was bigger than it all.
We used to talk about better ways and big dreams
And a God that created us for more.
More, we wanted so much more for you, friend.
More, it’s so hard to believe that it’s the end.

Sherridan Ramsaroop.

I would never forget the first day I met you. You were like no boss I ever worked for. Always humble, always smiling. Your words always encouraged me to be the best version of who I was. You will never be forgetten King. Rest in power. Karabo Che Mokoape.

Jonathan Skeen.

I was at school with Karabo, first at Highbury and then at Hilton. We mostly lost touch after school, but he remains a large presence in my childhood and teenage memories. His passing has been a big shock for me, and undoubtedly also for many of his old school friends. Karabo was resolutely optimistic, regardless of the situation ahead. He was one of a few black pupils at Highbury during the 1994 elections and I often think it must have been a strange and difficult time for him to navigate. But he did so, and on his own terms. Karabo was also uncommonly bold. He was the chairman of the Hilton debating society and once delivered a lengthy speech to our rugby-obsessed school arguing that the 1995 Rugby World Cup was a farce. Whether it was partially tongue-in-cheek remains a mystery but it certainly drew some strong reactions! He carried this boldness onto the rugby field where he would often be heard snarling and bristling at the bottom of a ruck. Karabo was a warm and good friend who left his peers with endless great memories. I will always remember him as someone who was fearless and resolute in his beliefs, who loved music, and who wrote his own story. My deepest condolences to Karabo’s mother Gwen, to his wife Thuli and their children, and to all of his friends and family.

Bule Madima.

Prayer for my brother Karabo. Dearest Karabo, I commend you, to almighty God, and entrust you to your Creator. May you rest in the arms of the Lord who formed you from the dust of the earth. May holy Mary, the angels and all the saints welcome you now that you have gone forth from this life. May Christ who was crucified for you, bring you freedom and peace. May Christ who died for you admit you into his garden of paradise. May Christ, the true Shepherd, embrace you as one of his flock. May he forgive all your sins, and set you among those he has chosen. May you see your Redeemer face to face, and enjoy the vision of God, forever. See you in the morning bro.

Rivaldo Martins.

Morning Ngi, Hope this finds you well. I will always cherish the memories we shared together with Che. My heart was so saddened to see of Karabo’s passing yesterday evening from your Facebook wall! I can’t imagine what mommy is going through. I’ve been thinking about you guys every since then, and praying for comfort. I may not be there during the funeral but believe me my heart goes out to everyone in the family. I am also mourning with you guys at this difficult time. This is a sad time for everyone who has known Karabo. Our brother was a good person and I will cherish his memory. My deepest sympathies to the entire family. What was once enjoyed and deeply loved, we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us.

Much love from Trevor and Cissy Crosby

Our deepest condolences to Thuli and the children, Mrs Mokoape , Karabo’s siblings. May God dry your tears and give you the strength in time to come to soften the feeling of loss. Karabo has left big footsteps. We know he is united with his adored father and much loved Father God. May he Rest In Peace.

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.”

‭‭John‬ ‭11:25-26‬ ‭NKJV