3 week Public Speaking short course

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Public Speaking Short Course

Karabo has spent his entire life using communication as a tool to get things done.

He’s seen how being able to communicate effectively has aided in gaining the confidence of the people he works with. An idea is only as good as one’s ability to translate it into words and to inspire others to feel as passionately about it.

Let Karabo teach you what it has taken him 30 years to learn.

  • If you want to progress in your career and be considered for leadership positions this course is for you.
  • If you want people to stop and listen when you speak this course is for you.
  • If you are tired of being nervous and anxious whenever you are called to give a presentation this course is for you.
  • If you want to inspire others to see what you see this course can help you.

It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.



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    In this intimate 3-week short course, Karabo shares his vast knowledge and experience on the art of communication equipping aspiring learners to MASTER the art of Public Speaking:

    • Build Confidence
    • Learn the Skills
    • Overcome Fear

    This carefully crafted program is designed that even the most reluctant communicator can significantly improve both their confidence in, and delivery of, the spoken word.

    This training would be useful to anyone required to perform any of the following tasks:

    • Presentations to internal staff
    • Presentations to clients
    • Engaging in stakeholder management
    • Engaging in negotiations
    • Representations on corporate boards
    • Delivery of public remarks

    Public Speaking Highlights 2

    Course outline:

    • Week 1 (Wed Sep 7)       : Public Speaking Techniques
    • Week 2 (Wed Sep 14)     : Find Your Unique Voice
    • Week 3 (Wed Aug 21)    : Overcoming Fear


    Address: 21A Churchill Road, Berea, 4001, Durban, South Africa
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    Course Price:

    Price: R1799 per participant



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      Karabo in Action:


      Tich Smith - Founder of LIV VIllageMr AJS Smith
      Founder of LIV Village


      “…an incredible heart for the disadvantaged”

      I have known Karabo for a number of years and he is one young man that has impacted me from the day I met him. He is a visionary which is accompanied by great communication skills and a desire to make this country a better place for all. He has an incredible heart for the previously disadvantaged people of this nation and he has made an impact wherever he has gone.


      George Spencer - Director - EmcomGeorge Spencer
      MD – Emcom Wireless


      “…a contagious positive outlook”

      Karabo Che Mokoape has served diligently as a board member of Emcom, he is an innovative, strategic thinker with a contagious positive outlook of business and life in general.


      Joe White - Catalyx ConsultingJoe White
      Partner – Catalyx Consulting


      “…very effective in strategic discussions and facilitation”

      Karabo is very effective in strategic discussions and facilitation. He is very eloquent and has a tremendous personal touch, as he makes a positive impact on almost everyone he meets. Karabo is also a very effective communicator and public speaker. He has facilitated a number of workshops for Catalyx.


      More about Karabo:

      Karabo Che Mokoape is a Durban based Social Entrepreneur, Writer, and Speaker.

      He is the CEO of the Ubambo Group, Ubambo Software Solutions, Khula Mining and most recently, Home Cloud.

      He sits on the boards of several organisations including: Hilton College, The FutureLife Foundation, Rietspruit Crushers, Emcom wireless, The Light Trust, The Izingane Zethu Children’s trust, African Enterprise and Alpha KZN.

      His core skills are strategic leadership and planning, communication and personal development. Karabo has a vast knowledge regarding systems, operations and social responsibility which he has applied in strategically advising a wide range of organisations in various industries.

      A true global citizen, he has travelled to more than 70 countries and speaks a number of foreign languages, including French and Spanish.

      Karabo also has a background as a journalist, having been a foreign correspondent for various media outlets, including the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). He has covered the conflicts in Somalia, Gaza, Afghanistan and the Ivory Coast to name but a few.

      Karabo Che Mokoape - Business Experience & Client List



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        Karabo Che Mokoape

        Author Karabo Che Mokoape

        Karabo Che Mokoape is a Durban based Writer, Speaker and Social Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the Ubambo Group, which incorporates Ubambo Personnel Services, Ubambo Software Solutions, Global X Trader and Catalyx Consulting.

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